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CSXCAD - Continuous Structure XML

A C++ library to describe geometrical objects and their physical or non-physical properties.


  • Extensive and simple file I/O (xml-based)
  • Flexible and mesh independent geometry definitions
  • Rectilinear grid support and discretized property access
  • Extensive Matlab interface
  • Open source license (LGPLv3)


Properties contain the physical (e.g. material properties) and non-physical (e.g. dump-boxes) properties. Each Property can contain one or more geometrical primitives (e.g. a cube or cylinder).

Inheritance graph for CSProperties

Currently there are several different properties that can be used by openEMS:

physical properties:

  • CSPropMaterial: Material definition (Matlab: AddMaterial)
  • CSPropDiscMaterial: Discretized material definition (e.g. a virtual family model)
  • CSPropMetal: Define PEC metal (Matlab: AddMetal)
  • CSPropLorentzMaterial: Drude/Lorentz dispersive Material (have a look at examples/other/Metamaterial_PlaneWave_Drude.m)
  • CSPropLumpedElement: Lumped elements such as resistors and capacitors

non-physical properties:

  • CSPropElectrode: Define the excitation (Matlab: AddExcitation)
  • CSPropProbeBox: Voltage/Currents probe definitions
  • CSPropDumpBox: field dump boxes


Each primitive has to be assign to an existing property.

Inheritance graph for CSPrimitives

Currently there are several primitives defined:

  • CSPrimPoint: A point defined by its coordinates (Matlab: AddPoint)
  • CSPrimBox: A rectangular cube, plane, line or point defined by its lower-left-bottom and upper-right-top edge (Matlab: AddBox)
  • CSPrimCylinder: A cylinder is defined by its axis and radius (Matlab: AddCylinder)
  • CSPrimCylindricalShell: A cylinder with a given shell width (Matlab: AddCylindricalShell)
  • CSPrimSphere: A sphere is defined by its center and radius (Matlab: AddSphere)
  • CSPrimSphericalShell: A sphere with a given shell width (Matlab: AddSphericalShell)
  • CSPrimCurve: A 1D curved line (Matlab: AddCurve)
  • CSPrimWire: A curve with a finite radius (Matlab: AddWire)
  • CSPrimPoly: A 2D polygon (Matlab: AddPolygon)
  • CSPrimLinPoly: An extruded 2D polygon (Matlab: AddLinPoly)
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