Cylindrical Shell

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A cylindrical shell is created by the command:

CSX = AddCylindricalShell(CSX, propName, prio, start, stop, rad, shell_width, varargin)

with the following parameters:

  • CSX: default first argument, containing the CSXCAD data structure
  • propName: name of the (previously defined) property (e.g. a metal or material)
  • start, stop: [x y z] coordinates of the start and end points of the cylinder central axis
  • rad: radius of the cylinder
  • shell_width: width of the cylinder shell
  • varargin: a key/value list of primitives variable arguments


  • The inner radius of this shell is: rad – shell_width/2
  • The outer radius of this shell is: rad + shell_width/2

See also

Box, Sphere, Cylinder


  • Create a cylindrical shell with radius 30 drawing unit and shell thickness of 5 drawing unit .
start=[0 0 -40 ];
stop=[0 0 40 ];

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