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This function is used to read data from a file created with a Probe Box. Usually this probes record voltages or currents.


The function reads currents and voltages from multiple files found at the provided path and returns them in time and frequency-domain.

  function UI = ReadUI(files, path, freq, varargin)

with the following parameters:

  • files: name of all the files you want the function to read
  • path: the path to the folder containing the files

and with the following optional parameters:

  • frequency: when the file is provided with frequency domain data, frequency specifies which values will be returned


  • Read voltage U from the files ut1_1 and ut1_2 located in the folder tmp.
  U = ReadUI({'ut1_1','ut1_2'},'tmp' );
  • Read current I from the file it1 located in the tmp folder at the frequencies 0.5 GHz 1 GHz and 1.5 GHz.
I = ReadUI('it1','tmp',[0.5e9 1e9 1.5e9]);

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