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Your OpenEMS simulation generates crap? The results are unexpected? Let's try to debug the structure:

Debug PECs (perfect electric conductors)

Add two options to the RunOpenEMS() command in your Matlab/Octave script:

  %% run openEMS
  options = '--debug-PEC --no-simulation';
  RunOpenEMS( Sim_Path, Sim_CSX, options );

This tells openEMS to dump the PECs into the file PEC_dump.vtp in the simulation folder and stop.

Now open Paraview to visualize the generated file.

  • Load the data file PEC_dump.vtp

All PEC edges as detected by openEMS will be shown.

Note: FDTD represents planes or volumes of metal by a metal mesh with all mesh lines being PEC.

Example of gridding using the helical antenna from tutorials.
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